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South Florida Women Artists at Large Exhibition

Join us to celebrate Women’s History Month by visiting the Doral Contemporary Art Museum’s 2021 Women of Vision Exhibition art exhibition ‘South Florida Women Artists At Large’. This exhibition, showcasing the work of 10 local women artists, will be on view until April 6th, 2021. For viewing of exhibition, request via email at events@dorcam.org.

The title South Florida Women Artists At Large alludes to the attitude of freedom the selected artists show in their creative process. These ten women are fearless in their artistic endeavors; creating in a wide variety of materials, mediums, and techniques, and covering an ample range of themes. In the exhibition, there are pieces created with unusual materials, such as Liene’s Bosquê’s ‘A Nation’s Cloth’, an abstraction of weaving patterns used by slaves in cotton plantations in the United States made with Olefin wristbands. There are assemblages of found objects as in the case of artists Kerry Phillips and Karla Kantorovich’s work. The use of traditionally feminine materials and techniques in a very contemporary way is represented by the ‘drawings’ with wool by Evelyn Politzer, the abstract geometric Americana quilts by Regina Jestrow, and the large hand-woven rope sculpture by Lisu Vega. Artist Kristen Thiele mixes humor with a most classical oil painting technique, presenting an enormous piece (8 feet-log) stating in large letters ‘The End”, playing with the viewers expectative to find something to look at in the painting, just to be confronted instead with that most definitive declaration. Artist Carola Bravo, who has also been commissioned to create a piece of public art for the New Baptist Hospital in Doral (soon to be completed), created an immersive installation, a combination of video and site-specific drawings. Artist Jeanne Jaffe brings a surrealist touch to the exhibition with her sculptural pieces, hybrid representations of human parts, and other organic forms or objects combined in shapes of her own creation. Last but certainly not least, artist Jennifer Printz, who recently moved to South Florida, created an intriguing piece using a photographic collage of sky images she has been taking for years, printed on fabric, in a piece that partly evokes a quilt, partly a long train gown.

The participating artists are: The participating artists are Liene Bosquê, Carola Bravo, Jeanne Jaffe, Regina Jestrow, Karla Kantorovich, Kerry Phillips, Evelyn Politzer, Jennifer Printz, Kristen Thiele, and Lisu Vega.

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For viewing of exhibition, request by writing to events@dorcam.org.

For additional information about the exhibition, email dtapia@dorcam.org.


Dainy Tapia


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March 16th to April 6th