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See Live Music at Our Outlet Mall

Shopping malls are chiefly a North American term for shopping centers that can be found to form a large building a complex of shops comprised of several retailers placed together. Interconnecting walkways allow shoppers to walk from unit to unit quickly and efficiently. The retailing space alone for shopping malls in 2017 accounts for a total 8% across the United States. Just think about all those retailers and how many shoppers must visit such a place on a daily basis.

Shopping at an outlet mall is the ideal way to hit-up multiple retailers in a short amount of time instead of having to drive across town just to visit one store. The collection of stores being so close together has made it simpler for shoppers to get all of their shopping done in one area. One of the benefits of visiting a mall is they’re a great place to catch great entertainment. Live music for one can be a delight when shoppers are busy heading from store to store as they run errands to get ready for the rest of the week.

Live Music at Our Outlet Mall

Listening to New Tunes

Every Friday and Saturday night we’re happy to have live music grace the plaza for our visitors. What better way to enjoy the summer season than to head out on a Friday night and listen to a unique act? We have had a variety of genres showcased at Doral Mall for our visitors.

In the upcoming weeks, visitors can look forward to a collection of music genres to discover and enjoy. Just to name a few genres of music visitors can look forward to hearing including the following:

  • *Luis Bofill & Band

  • *Cuban Music

  • *Extasy

  • *Latin Fusion/Top 40

  • *Bob Folse “Fingers of Fire”

  • *Latin Tropical Fusion

This is only a sample of the live music that will be showcasing on Friday and Saturday nights in the Plaza. We like to keep things fresh by changing it up now and again so visitors can dance the night away or just enjoy the atmosphere as live music plays in the background.

What Kind of Shops Can You Find at the Outlet Mall?

ngp_9078_edit_studioThe benefit of shopping at an outlet mall is the ability to visit multiple retailers. We are always more than happy to receive visitors because we have an excellent assortment of shops for people to visit. We understand when people are pressed for time they want to get all their shopping done at once. Why not do it all in one place?

The added bonus is visitors can enjoy a variety of shops too instead of just a few outlets that sell clothes and jewelry. They have access to salons, spas, popular clothing stores, and restaurants that promise visitors a memorable dining experience.

One of the dining experiences visitors will love is the City Works Eatery and Pour House that is excellent for people who desire a more casual dining experience. Considered an excellent eatery and pour house, City Works serves over 90+ craft beers on draft alongside modern American cuisine with a twist. Their happy hour starts at 4 PM and lasts to 7 PM Monday through Friday. One of the best places to sit down, share a few drinks, and enjoy modern American cuisine all under one roof.

The Temper Improv Comedy Theatre is another place visitors usually visit after exploring the Doral Mall for a couple of hours. The Improv comedy club has been the launching pad for several big names in comedy for over four decades. The theater has been a huge success ever since it first opened its doors in 2001. Improv fans will love to pay this comedy theater a visit where they can enjoy first class comedy and amazing food all in a beautiful club.

American Soul is a well-known high-end boutique when it comes to timeless fashion. American Soul sides their style with clothes that look at their best when they’ve been lived in. They’re well known for color-blocking and pattern mixing with a dash of temper tomboy heels.

The Doral Mall has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s live music, good food, or comfortable fashion visitors are sure to love spending a day just enjoying themselves.