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May 5th, 2018 | by CityPlace Doral

May 16th is National BBQ Day and at CityPlace Doral, we take that seriously. All month we’re embracing the start of summer with barbecue (aka “barbeque”) month! One day can’t possibly fit it all, so we’re expanding it to 31.

The world’s oldest and most basic way of cooking meat is a tradition in nearly all cultures globally. Not everyone has a spacious patio or grill or the means of putting those things together with the expertise needed to make it memorably great. That’s where CityPlace Doral comes in. We have the most amazing BBQ you can find right here in our outside dining space with Cabo Flats and Brimstone serving top-choice cuts.

Throughout May, we have a lot going on. On May the 4th Be With You, get your tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story for May 24th when it debuts. Tickets at Cinebistro will sell out quickly, so getting in to see the film of the year is a must.

Cinco De Mayo is, of course, a cause for celebration for Floridians of all stripes and this year we have a huge party planned and happening all over CityPlace.

On No Diet Day (May 6th), you can continue that party with some splurge and noms. Our restaurants at CityPlace Doral are all pitching in to help with this quest. The food will settle better with some walking in our beautiful outdoor space, perusing shops, or inside bowling or playing pool at Kings Bowl. Every Sunday is Funday too, with Kings Miami-Doral hosting lots of fun times for No Diet Day.

Mother’s Day is another big day and there are lots of options at CityPlace Doral for treating and pampering mom. From jewelry and clothing to good eats and spa retreats, it’s all here.

May 25th is National Wine Day and Angelo’s Pizza Bar and Tapas offers some wonderfully unique vintages courtesy of Angelo Elia. Chef Angelo himself has carefully assembled a collection of varietals and labels from the top winemakers in Italy and the Americas.

Finally, to end the month, May 31st is National Macaron Day. At Le Macaron French Pastries, a variety of French delicacies are offered to provide guests with authentic Parisian fare right here in CityPlace. Gluten-free and colorful, French macarons are tasty treats at only 80 calories each. So, they can become a feast on National Macaron Day.

Whatever your needs this month, CityPlace Doral offers restaurants, fun, music and excitement. Come relax or have a fun night out, it’s your choice.